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 This is How I would like to see it Play Out.

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PostSubject: This is How I would like to see it Play Out.   Mon Dec 22, 2008 11:59 pm

This is the vision that is running through my head.

The Dark Night ends - The Joker is captured. But utter chaos ensues. We assume two face is dead, but there is a good chance the jokers henchmen helped pull what Gordan did and faked his death pulling the switcharoo in the meat wagon.

Two face will use the network that the Joker built to start his own form of justice on Batman and the police that didn't attempt to save Rachel.

Meanwhile the police department are getting heat for not being able to catch the batman. Without Gordans permission, the department hires an intellectually superior person to finally catch him. But due to rules and protocol set upon him, he fails. He realizes that the only person to ever really get to Batman is the Joker. He studies tape and analyzes accounts of what the Joker did. Finally he has to talk to the Joker who is locked behind iron door, which no one can see him, you can only hear the voice. Out of the meeting the intellectual realizes he needs to become the new joker. He also realizes what the down fall of the joker was too random. He creates more of a well structured character The Riddler that can get to Batman emotionally while playing mental chess (Basically Controlled Chaos, instead of the Jokers Chaos).

Two face resurfaces basically clearing Batman of the death of Harvey Dent. Two Face starts on a cop killing spree and calls out for the Batman to face him. Soured by the resurfacing of Two Face and felt overshadowed the Riddler turns to the dark side and wants both dead. The Riddler convinces some of people that are now lead by two face to come to his side because of what Harvey Dent did to them in the past.

So that starts a three way fight. In some dire situation Batman / Convinces two face some how to turn back and fight for what is right at the moment. Harvey gets killed doing something like saving another character (so he actually dies a hero). For classical sake, the Riddler leaves a clue to where he disappeared to. Which leads back to where the Joker is being held. The place is a trap loaded full of policemen ready to kill batman. Batman is clearly enraged over the death of Harvey, he comes storming in right into the trap. It looks like the Riddler finally got him. The Riddler gives the command to blast away, and they start doing so.. but there is a creaking sound and all the policeman stop firing lower their guns. Batman takes off and escapes because he is beatin down pretty badly from all the bullets shot at him. Then you have the don't let him get away moment... the twist is that the Riddler feels a sharp piece of metal run across his throat from ear to ear. Then a familiar mad laughter starts as the confused Riddler turns around to see who slit his throat. (The screen still doesn't show who it is) then the jokers voice appears again and makes some witty comment (Perhaps Riddle Me This)... and the laughter starts again...

Then the final scene shows Alfred taking care of Bruce who is barely concuss....

(Then have an opening for a fourth movie to wrap up past storyline and find someone else to play the joker)

Note it wouldn't be difficult finding a new actor for the Joker, Because there are so many talented actors that could emulated this version of the joker.
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This is How I would like to see it Play Out.
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